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How to Land an Internship at a Top Tech Company ™

without needing extensive coding experience!

Open invitation to computer science majors, engineers, and college students interested in tech to…

👉🏽 Get serious about landing your dream job offer NOW.

👉🏽 Stop aimlessly preparing for technical interviews.

👉🏽 Get multiple internship offers and have choices for THIS summer.

Don't miss this FREE training hosted by Alexandra Foote!


Internship Experience




I’m here to show you exactly what it takes to get an offer!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE masterclass:

✅ My signature, step-by-step method on how to land an internship at a top tech company without having any previous internship experience

✅ The BIGGEST mistakes most college students make when “trying” to land their dream jobs and why many never even get an interview invitation

✅ The full breakdown on how hundreds of my students have received multiple internship offers for one summer and converted to six-figure full time offers post graduation

✅ How YOU can make over $20,000 in one summer, even if you’re only a freshman or sophomore

You’ll do all of this without needing extensive coding experience

You need this all-new training ONLY if:

You’re overwhelmed studying for technical interviews and still don’t feel prepared

You keep applying to internships but can’t seem to make it to the interview round

You are early in your computer science career and don’t feel you have the skills to be competitive in the job search

You have some relevant work experience but are ready to intern at a top tech company!

Former Google, Microsoft (2x), Bank of America, and Startup Intern. Georgia Tech Computer Science Graduate. Current Microsoft PM. Founder and Creator of Tech Internship Toolkit™


I’m Alexandra Foote, and I can’t wait to teach you my proven-to-work strategies so you can go from dreaming about top tech internships to getting offers and gaining unparalleled work experiences!

Learn my extensively tested, step-by-step method for gaining recruiters' attention, getting interview invites, and closing offers that has helped hundreds of students just like you!

All without needing crazy coding experience!

You’ll get never-before-shared info!

Your training experience delivered by Alexandra Foote

And in case you’re wondering whether my methods actually work, here’s some proof👇🏽


© 2021 Alexandra Foote

DISCLAIMER: This training is free and will offer actionable steps to help you in your job search. It is not a guaranteed job or income opportunity. This online training is not sponsored, administered, or associated with any companies mentioned herein.

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