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Launch your 6-figure career BEFORE you graduate by landing your dream internship at a top tech company

Tech Internship Toolkit™ is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to land your dream internship – but how to graduate with a 6-figure job offers in hand

Our Certified Interns Have Received Offers from Companies Like:


Before I tell you about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re a college student with no shortage of ambition who wants to graduate with multiple, high-paying job offers in hand so you can launch your ideal career at the top of your industry and begin building the life you’ve always dreamed about

Whether you’re…

a high achiever who knows landing a top internship is your ticket to launching your dream career and graduating with 6-figure job offers in hand 

a college student with little to no relevant work experience who has have no idea how to stand out in this competitive job market

an eager student who has applied to over 20 companies and for some reason you never get invited to interview

a computer science major tired of being extremely nervous and unprepared in technical interviews and drawing a blank trying to answer the questions

a freshman or sophomore who wants a top internship, but feels you’re too early in your college career to get hired

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Tech Internship Toolkit™ will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to landing your dream internship this year

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By the end of this program,
you will have:

Clarified your career goals and determined the perfect internship for you to kick off your journey to job offers with a clear roadmap

Crafted a winning resume that will catch recruiters’ attention and lead to interview invites – even if you feel you don’t have enough experience yet

Developed your professional brand that will have job opportunities seeking you out – without you having to look for them 

Mastered necessary skills for passing interviews – from behavioral to technical and beyond - flawlessly

Successfully navigated the internship recruitment process – from applications to interviews to offers

Cracked the code for landing competitive offers from the world’s best tech companies

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But above all else…

Tech internship Toolkit™ will give you the confidence to finally land your dream internship at a top tech company and set you on the path to graduating with 6-figure job offers in hand – giving you a first-class ticket to launching your successful career

When you join Tech Internship Toolkit™, you master our proven-to-work, proprietary Get the Offer Game Plan™ - It shows you EXACTLY how to crush job recruitment and land your dream internship. 

“I’m so grateful for Tech Internship Toolkit™. I landed my first internship and I’m pretty sure that without Alex, I would not have been able to get my first internship. 

It was a very good investment. It was probably one of the best things I did for myself. I saw it as investing in my future, and I got an internship, so it was worth it.”

 Liz – Engineering Intern @ Otis Elevator Company

Amran  (1).jpeg

“I landed my first offer in just 42 days of joining. By day 50, I had 5 offers. 

I joined Alexandra’s Tech Internship Toolkit™ on August 25. On October 6, I received my first offer from Goldman Sachs! By October 12, I had received offers from IBM and McKinsey. On October 15, I received two offers from Facebook, for SWE and Data Science. 

Although I had no previous internship and very minimal project experience, Alexandra helped me showcase my skills and accomplishments in a resume that got me numerous interviews! From there, she helped me sell myself in the interviews and make the companies see why they need me. Facebook was my dream company and in just over a month with Alexandra, I received two offers from them.”

Amran – SWE Intern @ Facebook

Plain and Simple: Tech Internship Toolkit™ Changes Lives by Jumpstarting Careers and It’s Officially Open For Enrollment

(but not for long…)

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How do I know this?

Hey there!
I’m Alexandra. 

I’ve helped hundreds of students just like you launch 6-figure careers by landing highly competitive tech internships.

I graduated with a computer science degree from Georgia Tech in 2019 and got accepted into Harvard Business School in 2020 through the 2+2 deferred admission program. While in undergrad, I had some pretty amazing internship opportunities:

My Internship Experience

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Offers I Rejected:


I graduated with multiple, multi-6-figure job offers and had choices on where to start my career. I’m here to make sure you do the same!

I’ve been there. Done That. Got the Jobs.  – Now, I’m helping you get yours!

A small sample of our amazing
Tech Internship Toolkit™ Alumni

“Alexandra transformed my high school resume into a resume that was ready for college-level internships. She looked at what I had and said, “fix this, fix this, fix that.”

She knew exactly what to do, exactly how to word every portion, and how to make the format and wording stand out to recruiters. She helped me put my best foot forward for these companies and land offers from companies like Google, Microsoft, and State Farm

Although I had no relevant work experience before applying for these roles, Alexandra made sure that I marketed myself well and showed how I could add value to these companies. I attribute my job offer success to her.”

John – PM Intern @ Microsoft | Other Offers: Google, Apple, State Farm 

“Alexandra made the stress of preparing for technical interviews go away. I feel confident going into technical interviews because I really understand the concepts, how to apply them, and how to articulate that in an interview.

Alexandra is passionate about the personal and professional development of others, and I’ve seen firsthand how she works tirelessly to make sure others achieve their goals.”

Nehemiah - STEP + SWE Intern @ Google

“Although my coursework laid the foundation for my basic computer science knowledge, Alexandra helped me hone them into a refined skill set in preparation for technical interviews. Without any previous work experience, I landed an internship at Intel!

I believe anyone, at any stage of their career, can benefit from Alexandra’s programs and coaching.”

Carver – SWE @ Google | Formerly SWE Intern @ Intel 

Chris (1).jpeg

From struggling to make it to interview rounds to securing my dream internship

“I was struggling to make it to the interview round when applying for internships online. I wasn’t quite sure how to improve my chances. Thank you, Alexandra, for guiding me through the process! I got an internship with Rivian! You are such a fun person and I liked that you focus on the importance of social lives and balance, while prioritizing your career!

Chris - Quality Engineering Intern @ Rivian

rachel (1).jpeg

Landed 4 internship offers without having any experience

“I was a sophomore with zero experience and after learning from Alex, I received 4 internship offers for the summer – even an offer from my dream company! I had so many offers, I even had to withdraw from other in-progress interview processes. Seriously, Alex was a huge help every step of the way”

Rachel - SWE Intern @ Salesforce /  Other Offers: Facebook, IBM, Relativity

deshay (1).jpeg

Got an offer even though I started late

“I joined Tech Internship Toolkit™ in the middle of spring semester. I was scared that I waited too long to start looking for a summer internship. Within a month of joining Tech Internship Toolkit™, I landed an internship offer at Allstate! I’m still getting interviews now for fall internships. Thank you, Alexandra, for everything!”

Deshay -  SWE Intern @ Allstate

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Chat with our alumni directly

That’s right, you can ask questions and hear directly from the people who’ve landed top internships and launched 6-figure careers.

Success Stories
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What’s Inside
Tech Internship Toolkit™

Inside the Program



Ditch the overwhelm at the door with a complete walkthrough of the 3 phases inside our Get the Offer Game Plan™ AND schedule customized to your life’s season. Know exactly which milestones to hit so you can maximize your growth inside Tech Internship Toolkit™

Phase-0 (1).jpg


Find Your Fit

Before you embark on your journey to job offers, you need a clear roadmap to ensure sure you get to your destination. Just like you wouldn’t start a road trip without directions and a plan for where you’re headed, we will not navigate your internship blindly. 

Phase 1 of the Get the Offer Game Plan™ is all about ensuring you have a solid foundation and clear goals in place on which to base your job search. We’ll start setting you up for success by getting some big decisions out of the way with the end goal of helping you achieve TOTAL clarity about where you’re going and HOW you’re going to get there.

We’ll narrow down the perfect role for you, solidify your #1 dream internship, and build your application strategy to get you offers. To top it all off, we will get through mindset blocks that hold you back from taking action.

alex-asset2 (1).jpg


Sell Yourself

In order to land job offers, you have to make the companies want you! This phase is all about selling yourself and showing these companies why they need to hire YOU.

Recruiters spend an average of only 6 seconds reviewing a resume. 6 seconds! That means you have to be instantly impressive on paper.

In Phase 2 of the Get the Offer Game Plan™, we’ll begin by crafting your winning resume that will pass the 6-second test and leave recruiters wanting more! Your winning resume will use my results-based resume formula to showcase why you’re a standout candidate and lead you to interview invitations galore! Even if you have no experience or your current resume has more white space than content, you’ll leave Phase 2 with a resume that wins.

We’ll continue by building your professional brand via LinkedIn, your personal website, GitHub, and portfolio! Mastering these branding elements will make you stand out amongst other candidates in the application process and even have jobs opportunities reaching out to you – without you even seeking them out!

To take it a step further, we’ll cover how to communicate with recruiters, build and leverage your network, and seek out referrals. Phase 2 is designed to slingshot you straight from applications to interviews. 

Phase-2 (1).jpg


Get The Offer

Raise your hand if you’ve had this problem: You spend hours, days, or even weeks preparing for an interview just to show up and absolutely bomb it. You get nervous, blank out, and leave feeling defeated and overwhelmed. 

Yep. Totally get it. 

That’s why in Phase 3 of the Get the Offer Game Plan™, you’ll get access to the exact interview prep process I’ve used to land every job offer I’ve received without feeling overwhelmed in the study process or getting lost in the weeds.

Once you’ve mastered the interview process, you’ll learn how to manage all your offers – from best practices for accepting and rejecting offers, negotiation strategies, and how to choose between offers.  This phase is all about sealing the deal – passing the interview and closing the offer!

alex-asset4 (1).jpg

9 implementation modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to finally land a highly competitive tech internship

a complete, step-by-step recruitment plan showing you when and how to apply for internships and how to market yourself authentically (and impressively) so you receive more interview invitations than you ever thought possible this year

The Results-Based Resume Formula to make sure you bever fail a recruiter’s 6-second test again and promote our experience effectively 

Interview Success Secrets to make sure you never bomb an interview again and instead show up prepared, without nerves, and ready to impress your interviewers

(A $4,997 value)

Here’s what you’ll get

when you enroll during this limited time period:

alex-asset5 (1).jpg

You’ll be given access to one module per week 

(except for the implementation weeks) – so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute those learnings BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most would-be top tech interns in their tracks

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Glad you asked!

Nope, it isn't.

The Tech Internship Toolkit™ Bonus Bag

Everything you need to catapult your career – from applications through your internship 


Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Alexandra Inside the Private Tech Internship Toolkit Facebook Community

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum right through till your internship begins

(a $1,997 value)

The community you’ll find inside of Tech Internship Toolkit™ is truly one of a kind. Whether you’re searching for feedback, accountability, people to bounce ideas off of, cheerleaders, hotel mates for conferences, or experts willing to lend a helping hand, you’ll find it here. I can’t overstate how powerful it is to have these kinds of connections at your fingertips.  

In addition to the incredible group of interns you’ll be part of, I’ll also be hosting LIVE sessions weekly to answer your questions, so you NEVER get stuck. This is the next best thing to having me as your personal coach. 

What You’ll Get:

12 months of weekly LIVE Q&A sessions (that’s over 50 Q&A sessions!) to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence

An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students, alumni, and AFHQ to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks

A space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other aspiring interns who are on the offer journey with you and are here to help you cross the finish line

You’ll also have access to the recorded Q&As so you can go back to them again and again inside the Facebook group 

Facebook-Group-(1)-new (1).jpg


Exclusive 2-Day Virtual Event, Intern Success Camp

(a $397 value)

Fast-forward a few months: you’ve perfected your resume, crushed your interviews, and landed your dream internship. Now it’s time to think about excelling during your internship. That means, using every tool at your disposal to ensure you’re prepared, aware of potential pitfalls, and ready to be an outstanding intern.

Luckily, when you enroll in Tech Internship Toolkit™, you’ll get a ticket to my virtual 2-day LIVE intern event happening in May 2022.

This unparalleled virtual event is dedicated to supporting interns as you begin your internships with endless inspiration, powerhouse speakers, and access to an ambitious and supportive community of fellow go-getters ready to use their internship to launch their 6-figure careers. Don’t think for a minute that just because it’s virtual makes it less impactful. 

During our time together, I’ll be teaching strategies, systems, and new ideas that support and go above and beyond all you’ll learn in Tech Internship Toolkit™. These are bonus lessons that I’m saving for our time together LIVE so I can help you shine during your internship, secure a return offer, and prepare you for the next internship and full-time recruitment seasons. I promise you won’t want to miss it!

alex-asset8 (1).jpg


The Experience Booster – Side Projects to Boost Your Resume 

(a $497 value)

Have you wondered if you even have enough experience to land your dream internship? Does your resume have more white space than content?

I understand, my friend.

The Experience Booster is designed to help you pack your resume with relevant, impressive, and intensive side projects and ventures that will demonstrate your readiness for the roles you’re applying for. This mini-course will walk you through choosing, executing, explaining, and demoing your selected side projects.

To make it super simple for you to implement, inside The Experience Booster, you’ll also find a collection of side projects with tutorials designed for you to complete in 4 hours or less! Seriously, with The Experience Booster, you can boost your resume in less than 4 hours.

You don’t *NEED* side projects on your resume to land an internship, but they are a powerful way to demonstrate your skills in practice, showcase your interests, and make up for any lack of on-the-job experience. Whether you’re starting from zero or need to refresh your resume with some extra experience, I’ve made it easy for you The Experience Booster. 

portrait2 (1).jpg


50 Lessons from My Internships E-Book

(a $97 value)

This is a 50-page eBook outlining all the key mistakes, successes, and crucial lessons I learned during my internships. This book is your ultimate guide to surviving and excelling in your internship and will be a vital key for avoiding many mistakes most interns make!

50Lessons (1).jpg

Exclusive “Pay in Full” Bonus

Technical Interview Flash Prep

(a $497 Value)

When you pay in full, you’ll get access to my ultimate pre-interview prep plan. Technical Interview Flash Prep is a 7-day plan to help you brush up on your technical skills right before an interview. Inside, you’ll find mini flash guides for each of the critical technical interview concepts complete with accompanying practice problems (of course, following the signature 3-5-2 method taught inside Tech Internship Toolkit™ Module 7!) and solution guides. Flash Prep is the refresher I use before any technical interview and I’m so excited for you to use it yourself to make pre-interview prep a breeze!

Flash-Prep (1).jpg

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $8,482

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Protected by our risk-free “Get the Offer” Guarantee

Your enrollment in Tech Internship Toolkit™ is protected by our “Get the Offer” money-back guarantee

You have the opportunity to implement everything taught inside Tech Internship Toolkit™ and put it to the ultimate test.

If you don’t land an internship, email us with your completed work and we’ll refund your investment.

Tech Internship Toolkit™ has a 100% success rate amongst students who complete the program. Meaning, everyone who has done the work, has landed an internship.

We are confident in and committed to your success in this program. But if for whatever reason, the program doesn’t work for you, we’ll happily refund you. 

Here’s the thing…

Tech Internship Toolkit™ is the only comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for college students who are excited and COMMITTED to landing their dream internship this year

I firmly believe YOU will be our next success story.

Tech Internship Toolkit™ works if YOU work.

Which is why now is a good time to reveal our

alex-asset10 (1).jpg

The Tech Internship Toolkit™ Cliffs Notes 

Email us once you’ve completed the course OR share that you’ve landed your first internship offer using Tech Internship Toolkit™ and we’ll high-five you and hand over a sweet completion bonus – The Tech Internship Toolkit™ Cliffs Notes edition.

This guide will give you a short-and-snappy version of everything you mastered so you can refer to it quickly and easily without having to go through the course all over again.

I’ve done the work for you.

The only question is… are YOU ready to do the work?

Cliffnotesnew (1).jpg

I’m ready to land my dream internship!

Burning Q’s your fellow interns asked before enrolling


During my second year of college, I switched my major from physics to computer science, and at that time, I had barely written any code. Alexandra gave me a solid game plan for me to land my first internship at Microsoft! That first internship led to my second internship and that second internship led to a full-time offer where I received a total compensation package well into the six figures. Alexandra helped me from the very beginning and guided me every step of the way. I highly recommend working with her - you will not regret it!

A’maya - SWE @ Microsoft

“Tech Internship Toolkit™ is really the key to having multiple internship offers and negotiation
power. Not only does she teach how to get the offer, but also how to make the best decision for yourself. Her method truly is a recipe for job success”

Nigel – SWE @ Microsoft 

Alex-mockup (1).png

It's your time!

Ready to bet on yourself and land your dream internship at a top tech company?








If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading...

You should try Tech Internship Toolkit™ risk-free if you’re motivated by any of the following:



You’re so ready to “put in the work” and see it pay off 

By now, you fully understand when that landing a top tech internship is not a matter of chance – it takes time and dedicated effort. But you know working hard isn’t the same as working smart

You don’t want to spend another year of trial and error and hoping for the best. You want a clear and complete step-by-step implementation plan that will give you a competitive advantage and set you up for job offer success

You’re not afraid of putting in the effort. The only thing that scares you is “wasted effort”. 

And because Tech Internship Proven is the most proven, refined, and comprehensive program for landing your dream internship at a top tech company, you have total confidence that every hour you invest in securing your internship will pay off and set you up to leave college with job offers and options in hand. 


You recognize that time is of the essence and waiting is not the answer.

You have only a few years in college and then you’re off to the real world. The decisions you make now will set you up for career and financial success - or hardship – in the future. 

For what it’s worth, if there was ever a “right time” it would be now. Your class schedule may get more intensive every semester, but every year you go without an internship is a year of lost opportunity and experience while your peers are getting ahead of you. The sand in the hourglass of your college career is flowing and graduation will be here before you know it. Invest in yourself and your career now, so you can graduate with the 6-figure career you’ve always dreamed of.

With everything you get inside Tech Internship Toolkit™, including the stack of special launch bonuses, you’re totally unwilling to let this opportunity slip – and even MORE unwilling to let another year go by without landing your dream internship.

Square images (7) (1).jpg

Still of the fence?

Talk to someone who’s been in your shoes…

Whenever I’m about to make a big decision, the most comforting thing is to speak with someone who’s been there.

Hundreds of college students have gone before you in landing their dream internships and you can chat with one of them today to get a feel for how they felt before taking the leap to join Tech Internship Toolkit, what they’ve learned since, and whether this opportunity is truly right for you.

This is your chance to join Tech Internship Toolkit™, my friend. So, what’s it gonna be?

Will you put your trust in me and the program that’s helped hundreds of students land their dream tech internships and launch 6-figure careers before they graduated?

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Join Tech Internship Toolkit™ Today Before This Opportunity is Gone








Protected by our risk-free “Get the Offer” Guarantee

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money or gain employment using the techniques and ideas in these materials. When we present employment offers and earnings on our website and our other channels, we are showcasing exceptional results, which do not reflect the average experience. You should not rely on any earnings or employment information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success or earnings. Your results will be determined by a number of factors over which we have no control, such as your financial condition, experiences, skills, level of effort, education, and changes within the market. Seeking employment carries risks, and your use of any information contained on this website is as at your own risk. Subject to our Refund Policy, we provide content without any express or implied warranties. By continuing to use our site and access our content, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented or as a result of purchasing any of our products or services. 

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